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Rouge (one shot)

Title: Rouge
Pairing: FumaKen
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Pure smut. So if you don't like it and can't handle it don't read ;D
Summary: too lazy to write one. Basically Fuma wants to fuck his best friend kento.
Requested by: isshofluffy

A/N: Guys I'm like reaaaaally bad at smut but I'll give it a shot :D for you fhy after 19483928 years I wrote lololol enjoy~

One beautiful Friday afternoon, a high school boy named kikuchi fuma was sitting quietly by a tree reading some random manga he found, it was peaceful and alone. Or was he he actually alone? What he didn't know was his best friend kento usually comes and sits at a table from afar looking at at him, how cute he is, how the wind blows his bangs from his face, just how flawless fuma looked. Though they are best friends. Kento after while started to have second feeling about him. He finally got the courage to stand up and walk over to the taller boy..

"Yo fuma~" kento said as he sat down beside him.
"Ah! Kento you startled me" he closes his manga and looks at him. "Whats up?"
Kento looks at him then looks away as they made eye contact and blushes "ah~ nothing much I just saw you reading alone so I thought I'd come and keep you some company, do you want to come to my house for a while? He looks and fuma with a slight smile.
"Sure lets go now~ I'm getting pretty bored just sitting here and it's a windy day"

the boys got up and started walking to kento's house in the crowded streets of Tokyo.

When they arrive to his house they do what they usually do; eat everything play games and talk, the subject came ever so suddenly about who they like.
"Ne, kento do you have a special someone on your mind lately you seem so.. Idk different these days" fuma goes to sit on the bed.
"Actually I do... But I don't know how to say it.." He looks at fuma blushing wildly.
"Eh?? Dare dare???" Fuma became so curious and is hoping maybe kento would his four letter name. The truth was fuma always knew kento liked him. He just never said anything, he secretly read Kentos diary which clearly expressed his love for the taller boy.
"It's ...its" kento is now as red as a tomato and is tongue tied
"Don't tell me... He said as he crashed his lips with Kentos softly but a bit aggressively, kento widened his eyes but went along with it and wrapped his arms around fumas bigger frame. Mmmm f-fumnnmmm- "shhhh" the bigger boy starts unbuttoning kentos shirt eyeing his nice and tones chest, then starts massaging him as he kisses him hard on the lips, their tongues dancing wildly, the whole world to them is just each other and the lusty air filling the room. Fuma undresses kento and himself as well. And starts grinding himself hard against kento, while kento moans loudly they didn't care if anyone heard. He kisses he way down the older boy leaving harsh purple marks on his body till he gets to his length, he the looks at him with this sexy side smirk before engulfing his throbbing cock "mouuu fuma-s-aaamaaa~ I need you touch me, please" fuma proceeds to start bobbing his head back and forth on the shorter boy, the bed is rocking violently and kento and literally almost screaming now, fuma moans on his length sending vibrations of more pleasure to kento "HNNNGGGH fumaaaa~ motto motto!! Faster!" The young one does as he says sucking him faster and going seeping on him till kento is almost at his limit "fuuuuummmmaaaaa!! Im- I'm gonnnaaa aaahhh!!" He moans as his warm fluids of cum enter rapidly into fumas mouth, "mmmm!!" He moans as he swallows every last drop. "I'm not done with you yet kenken~ on all fours now!" Kento gets even more turned as fuma has mixed of sweet and aggressiveness in his voice as he said that. And gets on his hands an knees. "Good boy~" kikuchi suddenly shoves two finger inside Kentos mouth "suck" he does what he says and sucks fumas fingers slipping his tongue inbetween in fingers making sure they are nice and wet. Fuma takes his fingers out when he's satisfied and continues to prepare kento for what's about to come next by shoving two of his finger in nakajima's hole thrusting them slowly in and out adding a finger once in a while. Fuma pulled them out "ready baby?" He smirks. "Fumaaa fuck me!! Fuck me hard now!! Ah" he grips the bed sheets and grits his teeth prepared for the pain. Fuma gently enters kento and squints when he feels how tight he is "oh my ffff k-kento you're so tight nghh" he says while panting, both of their bodies drenched in sweat. "Ahhh!! Fuma it hurts a-ahh!!" The taller boy continues to slowly thrust in and out of the shorter boy and soon speeds up going deeper inside of him at each thrust "fuck!!! Fuma faster!! Ahhh!! Mmnghhh" fuma smirks and and gets more fired up hearing kento's loud moans, it's music to his ears. He gains more speed and thrusts his cock inside if him very fast and deep reaching his limit. "Kento! Fuck! I'm gonna cum shit you're-- this is so good ffff!" Kento bites his lip hard as he's being fucked breathless by his love panting and sweating "cum f-fuma-kun! Nghh" The one on top then cums hard and deeply inside of kentos hole then collapses in top of him, still inside him. While they take a bit of a break hearing each other breathing heavily and the feeling the sensual atmosphere in the room. He pulls out of him and whisper in his ear "it's me" kento didn't respond because he was way too tired to say anything but was very happy then kissed fumas cheek "don't ever leave me" he whispers to fuma but fuma was already fast asleep. Kento smiles at his cute sleeping face "I love you" as he snuggles in his arms falling fast asleep with him.


I hope it wasn't too bad XD as I said I suck at smut lololol if you want me to continue this fic into chapters ill try to find time to do so~! :3 thanks for reading ^^

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love to my one and only (oneshot)

Title: Love to my one and only
Author: rikuhsj
Pairing: Yamachii (yamadaxchinen)
Genre:fluff, romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Yamada has a confession.
Notes: Aaaa! This the worst fic ever! DX I so failed!! XD sorry, ill make better ones in the future!
An I'm sorry its really short ><


"Chinen-kun! Did you eat my bento again?!' Chinen who was happily nom-ing on a delicous onigiri yelled back at him "No!! Maybe it was dai-chan!" Yamada sighed in disbelief and ran to the living room to only see the tako sausage eating boy "Chii I knew you took it!" He kneeled down over the couch and tickled chinen "yama-chan! y-yamete y-yama-chan!" The younger boy giggled endlessy like a little kid as yamada gave him his punishment until finally the tickeling match came to a stop. Yamada smiled "Its okay chii I think its cute how you deny about taking something precious of mine"
"Anou, food is precious to you?"
The old boy the chuckled at how cut chinen was being
"Why yes my food is very precious to me especially my strawberrys"
He have him an odd look,
"yama-chan your weird but I still like you buddy"
Yamada giggled, "yeah I know, anywho do you wanna go take walk in the park?"
Both boy got up from the couch and headed to the park.
"Um, chii I want to tell you something but I'm afraid you might hate me..." he looked down.
"I could never hate you! Tell me please!"
He looked at chinen to see his cute little puppy eyes "no you'll hate me, you might not look at me the same anymore and think I'm weird"
"Please just tell me and your already weird yama-chan but in a good way! I think your weirdeness is adorable!"
Yamada blushed "okay, yuri I-I really really like you I have since we met in johnnys, I think your cute, funny
And clumsy at times and I'm always so happy and excited when we do fanservice together."
Chinen blushed and smiled
"I feel the same way ryosuke!"
Yamadas head quickly shot up
"Un! I like everything there is to know about you!"
Yamada gazed deeply into chinens eyes
He leaned in until their lips were only centimeters away taking in eachothers delicous scent. then the little space between their lips closed in a nice long compassinate kiss. Yamada slided his hand down to the hem of chinens shirt and stuck his hand inside caressing each part of his nicely toned chest.
"Nghh ryosuke" chinen moaned in the kiss
Yamada took advantage of that and dived his tongue in chinens hot cavern.
Their tongues danced and fought with eachother in a nice rythm for what seemed forever. It was the most beautiful scene enjoying eachothers time under a big cherry blossom tree, no people, nothing to interupt their intimacy.
Finally chinen pulled away gasping for air
"Yama-chan stay with my forever never leave me"
Yamada took his hands and look into his eyes
"Of course yuri ill be by your side and protect you from harms way forever"
"I love you, ryosuke"
"I love you too, my sweet yuri"
Chinen layed his head on yamadas shoulder.
Yamada looked at his watch,
"Shit we need to get home yabu's gonna kill us if were not in a good mood tomorrow for the photoshoot, and you know me I'm a pain in the ass to wake up"
"Yes you are, ikou?"
They both walked hand in hand home.

Aaaa! Don't kill me! /hides >///< this fic was a fail I'm sorry! and really cheesy XP but it is my first fic. so i hope ill improve. ganbarimasu! I do my best to make better ones! I hope you enjoyed it though its okay if you didn't! XD

Comments i'd love :D


Okay, I'm new to livejournal..so when i get the hang of it ill be posting more relevant entries XD But ya as you see im a HSJ fan like most of you! so feel free to add me as a friend! :D maybe we can be good friend! ^_^ I maybe posting some YamaChii fanfiction...I'm YamaChii biased! But if you like other pairings like MoriYama or OkaJima or any other pairing within those lines id be more than happy to write a fic just request ^O^